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Welcome to the Nation’s Capital Child and Family Development (NCCFD) website! We have designed this site to show many of the various aspects of our wonderful child development center. We are proud of our many activities both in and out of the classroom, and now we have a way to keep the community up to date on our active and always changing organization.

Our mission is more then just teaching the basics. We offer a strong, values-based curriculum, in a loving and caring environment, with age-appropriate activities that enhance children’s mental, social, emotional, and physical abilities so that they learn how to make thoughtful and caring choices. The center promotes good values to make sure that children will be responsible members of the society.

We believe that every child is unique and will grow at his or her own pace. Our teachers spend time nurturing children’s strengths and encouraging them to reach new heights. We develop character and academic interest in a safe and supportive environment. Since we opened our doors in 1965, we have been providing quality childcare services for families in Washington, DC.

Spend time on our website to learn more about us.

You’ll enjoy seeing our beautiful facility, meeting our faculty, and discovering our very special NCCFD community.


What Our Parents Are Saying

My daughter, Lylah, has been attending Carver Terrace Early Childhood Development Center since she was 9 months of age. Since her enrollment, Lylah has accomplished major milestones in her development. The teachers and staff members been committed to her growth and development which I am very proud of. Because of Lylah’s dedicated teachers she began walking just two short months after her enrollment and was potty trained by 1.5 years of age.

I am very pleased with the communication between the staff members and I. I am updated regularly on Lylah’s academic progress and her daily learning activities so that I may continue them at home. It saddens me that Lylah will be leaving in the Fall but I am confident that she will excel at her new school thanks to the commitment, dedication, and expertise of the faculty members at Carver Terrace Early Childhood Development Center.

Lylah's Mom

I thought that making the transition from in home daycare to Carver Terrace Childcare Development Center was going to be one of the most challenging decisions I would have to make with them being twins and all, but it turns out that it has been one of the smoothest and easiest transactions for myself and my daughter.

My twins have been going to this daycare for two years and my appreciation and satisfaction with the teachers and staff is very grateful. Indi and Israel’s interest in activities, learning, and there creative spark has blossomed from day one. There teachers have always been open to feedback and are clearly dedicated to maximizing each of their potential. My girls talk endlessly about their friends and teachers, and I so thankful to have found a daycare that involves me as a parent and allows my child to explore a variety of learning styles. Since they have been upstairs with the 2 and 3 year old classes they have learn shapes, colors, all body parts, etc.. The transition also advanced then with potty training. We LOVE THIS CENTER, and will definitely recommend them to other parents. Last but not least we are going to miss them greatly when they start PK-3 next year.

Antaria Sampson

I’m Dacari and Jelani’s grandmother.  I have seen a lot of progress in them since they have been in Day Care. Their teachers take the time to talk to them.  Dacari is saying some ABCs and counting.  He is trying to talk and make sentences and trying to follow the rules. He wasn’t comfortable at first when he started at Day Care, but now he loves coming.  I want to thank Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Greene for everything they have done to help him.

Jelani is learning different little things and trying to talk.  He is learning to feed himself more and put on his clothes. He tries to use the potty chair at home.  He is learning to follow directions, learning the alphabet and some colors.  I want to thank the teachers for all the work they have done with Jelani.

Mrs. Dianne Gill